"The are not a race. They are not even a culture, They are a cultural stew of the orts and leavings of the European feast. As best, they are a mannered technology, In the place of ethics, they have rules. Size functions for them as quality functions for us. What for us is honor and dishonor, for them is winning and losing. indeed, you must not thing in terms of race; race is nothing, culture is everything.... Each culture has its strengths and weaknesses; they cannot be evaluated against one another. The only sure criticism that can be made is that a mixture of culture results in a blend of the worst of both."

"But if we forsake beauty in our desperate struggle to live, then the barbarian has already won"

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Colbert report rocks, apparently people like storied better when they know the outcome. and ofcourse a "true story" type film commercial came on and Little josh pointed out that everyone the ending, the main character's dream comes true. maybe this is what the study Colbert talked about refereed to. The common person feels attacked to stories they know will have a happy ending, or one they can predict to mask their retardation....... just a thought.

Kid i baby sit said the best thing today.

He wanted a brownie,

he asked me for one and I say Yes, while i say yes he saided "but...." and then realizes i said yes when he expected a no and was starting to explain why he should. made my day! little sitcom momment

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E I o I e I a
When you give your love away,
You get a feeling for...
E I o I e I a
Live to love another day,
Even when you feel unsure.
More and more I wanna raise!
Raise my bar
and raise your stake.
E I o I e I a
When I lie they're wide awake,
For my son I make

Tell my boy I love him so,
Tell him so he know.
Lost in ethiopia,
Walk out in that road.

E I o I e I a
Something good gon' come your way,
Just look out your door.
E I o I e I a
Tell him what you wanna say,
No matter what you might incur

E I o I e I a
Steal my heart to give away,
Make me wanna say.
E I o I e I a
You and I are so no same,
More and more and more each day.

More and more i turn into my father.
I miss him alot.

Testosterone Tea Party-
The night before the paper is due
The four bros stick together like glue
On a testosterone tea party they go
For all night they will not slow
...The movie a waits with popcorn and a slurpee
Not too much butter or else you’ll kill me
Alone in the theater, time to be loud
DAM! that was a big explosion it made a mushroom cloud
Actions films are filled with martial arts
Some men lose body parts
Though the action may be intense
Spending time with my bros is with the expense
For we will be together forever
No matter the weather
We have each other’s backs
Right down to the butt cracks.

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i hate bros who think they can beat me and Chris in Baroot. even after we swipe the table 7 zip!!!

i dislike house mantes that go to bed, expect things to be kept down, and even more those roommates that get too drunk to keep others down and things under control. leaving me to keep eveything kosher... I grilled and climbed a tree today!!! dam tired right now!

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listen to Lifehouse tonight. reminded me that i had an LJ. even though i live with an LJ i not not reminded i have one. strange.

watched Avatar the last air bender and it had commentary that was so ironic and puny for a kid show! i dam near pissed my self.

a person can in fact have his or her socks knocked off. thank you Mythbusters!

I was reading a book on American school and American teachers and it starts with a hugh "history" section on the start of "liberal" thinking with John Locke and Adam Smith with regards to how capitalism was formed in order to fill the void lost when "reason" power from the church and "feudal" elite in Europe.

I totally disagree with his author point of view of historical events. Capitalism was not created to fill the void left behind by the church, but rather Smith simply took notices of the economic happenings of his era before some one else. He relived brilliantly that government did little to spur commence, but did much to imped it.

I dislike when people with hindsight liked to make up reason's for historical figures writings and great works. Adam smith wrote his observations on the Wealth of Nations to influence peoples understanding of the happening of his time and improve the system of commerce, not fill a void, left by the church, to be some answer for why things happen the way they do. Religion will and should not be replaced entirely by "reason." their does in fact need to be "faith in reason."

Yey my random thoughts!

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From book on Traffic- "users of who live in Washington D.C. stated they want to find someone who leave no more then ten miles away, due to the traffic and congestion of the city. Traffic is literally killing romance!"

power was out this weekend! fun fun

burnt my arm with candle wax while putting out a tee-light i though had no wax in it. so now i have a weird scar till i tan it away or it heals

its spring, can wait to wrack the lawn and weed wack the lawn!

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after almost dropping the most important piece of furniture and many gay innuendos later mother is finally moved into her new condo.

while packing up the giant truck in Southampton, i camp across a box i thought was lost forever. now the contents of this box was of some fair important regarding the nostalgic memories of my junior and senior years in high school. (which I read Utah wants to remove, senior year) anyways. i have just finished looking at the contents of said box, kept half of the box, tossed the others. which in the surviving pile of movies tickets, incriminating photos ( i have a picture of the infamous Emily F. Boyle with glasses made out of a piece of bread), old necklaces, stole items (scavenger hunt), and what was once a "girl friend" box containing the lock of hair GIVEN to me by the only person who i think reads this dam thing once and a while.

anyways long story short, after laughing, yelling, and just plain shaking my head at myself in my teenage years i felt like documenting the horror and joy i had in remembering some of the best times in my life, which i have stored in my long term memory unsurprising in a long time.

listening to 311's "Love Song" and he was singing "i will always love you" to the factious girl of the song, but i think he was talking to me and how i will always love my past and who i was, no matter how bad i look in pictures!!!

damed if you do.

damed if you don't.

moving process
today i helped mom to organize and throw out thing she did not want to keep from the house and garage. i was looking through some photos and it was almost seemed as if i was looking at someone else in the photos. it was not me. reminded me about how we never walk into the same room twice. i have changed so much since i was in a Boy Scout uniform or wore really baggy pants.


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